Pelham Mom is "Former Fat Girl"

Alison Pollack is weeks away from competing in a half-marathon.

By now many of us may need a little inspiration to recommit to those New Year’s fitness resolutions. Look no further!

Pelham’s own Alison Pollack is carrying the torch high for those who may be despairing that their weight loss goals are out of reach.

After gaining 70 pounds while pregnant with her second child Benjamin, Alison, who also has a daughter named Olivia, decided she was tired of her extra weight. Pollack’s blog “Former Fat Girl” has chronicled her success and setbacks in becoming an athlete and maintaining her fitness goals

“Many times I’ve heard people say, ‘I want to eat right and exercise, but I can’t do it now because ________.’” Pollack recently wrote on her blog Former Fat Girl, “And that blank has been filled with anything from ‘it’s a tough week at work,’ to ‘I don’t want to start if the day of the week ends in a ‘y’,’ and everything in between.  I know this, because almost all the excuses for not eating well and working out came from me.  I’ve come up with everything.  I remember my most favorite ploy of all: ‘Well, I hate to work out alone, so I should join a gym, but I can’t join a gym because of all the people there.’ Now, who can argue with that logic?”

But Pollack does conquer that logic that keeps so many of us chasing our fitness goals. Pollack has raised the ante by committing to running and cycling.

Pollack is currently preparing for the More/Fitness Half-Marathon on April 14 in Central Park.  Let’s cheer her on! Watch Pelham Patch for updates on Alison’s progress and share your own fitness adventures.


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