New Exhibit Opens at Pelham Art Center

Anywhere But Here explores the metaphoric meaning of place through maps.

opens a new exhibit today called "Anywhere But Here." The presentation is an install of fifteen artists whose work explores they we way we interpret the world by creating maps and visual representations of place.

When you think about it, maps have are a vital respresentation of place, politics and economy as well as utilitarian tools for navigations. They are our rendering of the world around as and the complementery field of cartography is not just a science but also an art reflecitng those relationship.

“With 'Anywhere But Here,' the curators have organized an exciting and relevant exhibition that is part of an international trend to showcase contemporary artists ‘under the influence’ of mapping,” says Lynn Honeysett, Executive Director of , of the upcoming exhibition.  

A description of the exhibit on their website says: "[it] present[s] work that encompasses imagery of the landscape, architecture, and the human body while at the same time takes flight into real and imagined notions of time and place."

There will be a free opening reception and workshop tonight at 6:30. 

The exhibit will be open from September 14, 2012 through October 27, 2012, the exhibition is free and open to the public. For more information about Pelham Art Center, call 914 738 2525 or visit www.pelhamartcenter.org.

Next month on Thursday, October 25, the featured artists and curators Susan Nathenson and Elizabeth Saperstein will be on hand to talk about the exhibition.

Susan Nathenson is a ceramic artist and art educator and Elizabeth Saperstein an independent curator. Featured artists include Tomoko Abe, Doug Beube, David Bligh, Lisa Corinne Davis, Dahlia Elsayed, George Ferrandi, Gisela Insuaste, Katarina Jerinic, Cal Lane, Marc Petrovic, Nikki Rosato, Viviane Rombaldi-Seppey, Sarah G. Sharp, and Robbin Ami. Silverberg, and John Williams, 


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