Can't Cross Here, Fulton Ave Bridge Out

Drivers find "bridge out" signs at Fulton Ave crossing.


Shoppers hoping to hop from Pelham Manor shopping areas on Pelham Parkway and Boston Post Road over to nearby Columbus Avenue found themselves stymied by "Bridge Out" signs. The Fulton Avenue bridge is once again out of commission.

Drivers trying to navigate around the bridge must use the Hutchinson River Parkway or a circuitous route around Columbus Avenue, South Third Street, Provost Avenue and Boston Post Road.

According to an interactive map and database maintained by transportation advocacy group Transportation for America, the Fulton Avenue bridge is one of 69,223 bridges deemed "structurally deficient" by the Federal Highway Administration.

New York ranks #23 among other states with 2,088 of its 17,365 bridges- 12 percent total- currently graded "deficient."

  • The Fulton Avenue Bridge was constructed in 1974 and handles an estimated 13,692 cars per day. 
  • Another nearby bridge is also structurally deficient. The Route 907W Bridge spanning Boston Post Road between Pelham Manor and the Bronx is also due for some serious TLC. Constructed in 1933, this span handles an average of 79,018 cars per day.

Much of the region's attention about deficient bridges has been focused on the Tappan Zee Bridge spanning Westchester and Rockland counties. A project to replace that deficient roadway is finally moving ahead.


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