Question of the Day: How to Comply with Tax Cap?

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Today’s Question of the Day is: Patch reported this week that contract negotiations between Yorktown and its union employees have been complicated by the recent state enactment of a 2 percent cap on property tax increases.

The old contracts expired at the beginning of 2009 but negotiations are at a standstill pending more details from the state about the cap. Supervisor Susan Siegel has said that projected increases in health benefits and contracted pay hikes by themselves would exceed the allowable increase for 2012.

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To comply with the cap the town faces reducing services and/or finding additional revenue.

What services would you suggest cutting or eliminating? What additional sources of revenue might be tapped?

Please write your response in the comments.

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Councilman James Martorano July 21, 2011 at 12:47 PM
Even if we found additional revenue its not clear that that would make a difference with the tax cap since the "cap" applies to the tax LEVY not the tax RATE....its really quite complicated and later this summer the state has promised up an detailed update on exactly what can be calculated towards the cap and what can be excluded....my hope is that our sales tax revenues are up and that we can at least try to maintain the same level of services that Yorktowners have come to rely on....


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