11 Car Break-Ins Reported in Pelham Manor

Residents reported 11 car break-ins in recent days from unlocked cars.


A spree of opportunistic car break-ins continues to plague Pelham Manor residents.

Just days after Pelham Manor Police Chief Al Mosiello asked residents to lock their car doors, department reports show calls from residents about break-ins continue.

On December 10, Pelham Manor police received 10 reports of cars entered and rifled through overnight. Many did not wish to make formal reports.

Two neighbors on Clay Ave called that morning, one whose sunglasses were taken from their car overnight. Another caller reported three bluetooth earpieces valued at $100 taken from their car. Many other reported coins taken from their cars, including a Grant Ave. resident reporting $10 in coins taken from their unlocked car the following day.

Calls came in from residents on the following streets:

  • Clay Ave (3)
  • Townsend Ave
  • Terrace Pl
  • Elm Pl (2)
  • Washington Ave
  • Garden Rd
  • Edgemere St
  • Grant Ave

On December 7, Chief Al Mosiello told Patch that most of the break-ins were to unlocked cars and advised residents to lock their doors.

Do you lock your car doors overnight?

Nummy December 18, 2012 at 05:48 AM
Do you lock your car doors overnight? yes, only stupid lazy people leave their cars open


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