Father of Dead 4-Year-Old: 'We Will Never Comprehend'

Mother accused of child's death will appear in village court Thursday.

MAMARONECK, NY — The father of a Mamaroneck four-year-old found dead Monday morning—who may have been slain by his mother, according to police—is speaking out today.

The child, Jason Reish, was found dead in the apartment of his mother, 46-year-old Manuela Morgado. The boy's father, Dr. Timothy Reish, is a Briarcliff Manor resident and orthopedic surgeon.

"The events which led to the untimely death of our beloved Jake are both incomprehensible and unimaginable," read a statement issued by Timothy's lawyers at Guttridge and Cambareri, P.C. Wednesday morning. "We will never be able to comprehend the heinous actions of Jake's mother."

Timothy, through his attorneys, also noted he will likely not be speaking further.

"Please be advised that the family has no intention of making any further comment at this time. We leave this matter in the capable hands of the authorities to secure justice for Jake and our family."

Reish also has two children at Briarcliff Middle School.

"I am offering exactly the same services that I offer every day that we open this building," said Briarcliff Guidance Counselor Kay Brancato in the wake of the tragedy.

Morgado is currently being held at Westchester County Jail without bail. She is slated to appear in village court Thursday morning.

Village of Mamaroneck (VOM) Police are still investigating what exactly killed Jason.

"I have not received word from the medical examiner's office as to cause of death," said VOM Police Spokesperson Det. Sandra DiRuzza.

When police arrived at Morgado's condominium Monday, she was in a semi-conscious state, authorities said.

Reish and Morgado were divorced and going through a custody battle, according to reports by The New York Post.

"Morgado and Reish, 43, had joint custody of their son, but had been duking it out over his schooling," the Post reports.


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JMorton October 05, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Of course this man will never be able to comprehend what it must have been like for Ms. Morgado to have been used while he worked out his midlife crises then discarded like trash. Having never had a rich adversary attempt to take away his child, he can't know how she saw her life as WORSE than ruined as she faced a lifetime role as the jilted lover, single mother, forever in the shadows of the "real family," her life controlled by the demands of this man who treated her so badly. This hideous crime could have been prevented at any point if the father would have recognized that his child was more important than his demands. Of course everyone will blame the mother, but Threatened Mother Syndrome is real and common, though it usually doesn't result in homicide.


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