Increased Police Presence At Clarkstown Schools

Superintendent notifies parents that police will stop at schools as part of their regular patrols


Clarkstown School District Superintendent Dr. J. Thomas Morton informed parents on Thursday that police visibility at the schools will increase. The more frequent police presence begins immediately with officers stopping at schools as part of their regular patrols.  Clarkstown officers will conduct walking tours of schools and meet with principals. 

The expanded role of the police in ensuring school safety extends to police vehicles making more stops in school parking lots and at front entrances. In his message to parents, the superintendent noted the changes are a result of the partnership between the police department and district, which prioritizes children’s safety. 

These changes follow a December letter in which Dr. Morton listed several safety improvements under consideration including the addition of armed guards at elementary schools, installation of school panic buttons connected directly to police headquarters and providing police department access to all school district security cameras. The Lower Hudson Valley Council of School Superintendents issud recommendations last month for improving school safety. 

Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff,

I have mentioned in my prior communications about the strong partnership between our District and the Clarkstown Police Department.  They share in our belief that the safety of our children is our highest priority.

I am pleased to inform you that effective immediately, The Clarkstown Police Department will be increasing their presence on all of our school campuses. Chief Sullivan has directed his officers to ensure that their regular patrols incorporate routine stops at our schools.  Officers will be meeting with building principals and conducting walking tours throughout the school buildings on an ongoing basis.  This will be an opportunity for the officers to further coordinate with the principals on safety procedures within and outside of our buildings.

In addition, you can expect to see marked police vehicles at front entrances to our schools and in our parking lots at various times throughout the day.

This initiative is part of the ongoing effort on behalf of the Clarkstown Police Department and the Clarkstown Central School District to ensure the safety and security of our children.

Please feel free to call my office at (845) 639-6418 if you have any questions.

Dr. J. Thomas Morton
Superintendent of Schools

so schools and prisons do have the gang thing to share sometimes
Clarkstown life January 11, 2013 at 10:09 PM
Typical.....something being done and it is still not good enough for you.........the 'redhots' ...that's funny!
the redhots..where a group of 5 or 6 lowlifes who threatened and got into altercations at clarkstown north.....they where blood wannabees..they ignored the dress code of no headware in that rotten school...the head of the administration said to qoute him"they are gang wannabees..one had to wonder where was the dare officer in north all that time? in one situation no one even directed the parents to file charges ...typical hide it under the rug.....
so i guess when three lowlifes gang up on one child in a school that is considered ok?and cause injurys...
Clarkstown life January 12, 2013 at 07:36 PM
it happens....all over America....he will be stronger for the bad experience....


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