iPad Mini Swindle in Pelham Manor

Police are investigating a crime of deception.


Not everyone waited for Black Friday to get started on their holiday shopping and unfortunately a woman in Pelham Manor was left holding the bag when a holiday Grinch "flim-flammed" her out of a chunk of gift-buying cash.

According to Pelham Manor police reports, a woman called 911 on November 16 saying she had been robbed while shopping on Pelham Parkway.

When police responded and interviewed the woman, they learned that instead of a robbery the woman had been duped by a deal that was too good to be true.

The woman said she standing in front of a bank when she was approached by a man offering to sell her Apple's latest gadget: an iPad Mini. Perhaps believing it was her lucky day, the woman paid the man $120 and was given a white box with an Apple logo on it. 

As soon as the man left, the woman opened the box and instead of a shiny, new tablet computer, she found it was filled with ripped magazines.

Police canvassed the area but did not find anyone matching the woman's description of the man who tricked her.


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