Madonna Badger Talks About Christmas Day Fire in First Televised Interview

“I begged and begged them. There was an ambulance, and the walkie-talkies are going on, and I’m yelling at them, ‘Where are my kids? Where are my babies?’" Badger says in the interview to be televised on NBC's “Rock Center with Brian Williams” at 10 p.m.

Madonna Badger, who lost her and parents in the in Stamford, talks about the and how she has been during an interview with Matt Lauer to be televised on NBC's “Rock Center with Brian Williams” at 10 p.m. ET Thursday.

“My teeth were black and my mouth was black from the smoke," Badger tells Lauer in the interview, her first since the tragedy, in a preview posted on the TODAY Show website. "They took me away quickly because they were worried about smoke inhalation. Evidently, something can happen to you, (so) they said I had to go right away."

“I begged and begged them. There was an ambulance, and the walkie-talkies are going on, and I’m yelling at them, ‘Where are my kids? Where are my babies?’" a tearful Badger says in the interview, recalling her interaction with rescue workers on the scene. “Somebody said, ‘Turn off the radios, turn off the radios!’ I knew they must’ve… I don’t know what happened. Something really bad."

Badger is reportedly for property damage, personal injury and civil rights violations, claiming the city without properly notifying or compensating her.

Her ex-husband, , who lives in New York City, also reportedly plans to bring a , saying building officials didn't do enough to during the on Madonna Badger's Victorian waterfront house on Shippan Avenue.

For more check out the preview on NBC's TODAY.

Jim Eastwood June 20, 2012 at 12:40 PM
To All I wish the crying would stop Several near by Towns and Cities had Smoke Detector laws in place years ago and inspected SINGLE family dwellings for them. With all that Money and success, they missed the basics of Fire Prevention. How Come there was no Cell Phone call from the house?? Was the dwelling sheet rocked inside?? How stupid can one be to put ashes inside a bag and then inside the house.??? I know she lost her kids and I feel for her, however what would have happened if this fire was some where else instead of the Greater new York area---I beleive a Family of 8 yes 8 died in a fire in Charlestown West Virginia last month. I hope sometime comes out of this Incident. Everyone here is "Lawyered Up" and I am sure that PR people are guiding Ms Badger. Learn from this everyone. Did you check you Smoke Detector today ??? Do you have a Home escape plan??? Is your house sprinkled ,are are all your Construction projects Legal and to Code??? Learn Not to Burn !!! Stay Safe
Hope Tut June 22, 2012 at 02:16 AM
Badger's father was the fire prevention expert at Jack Daniel's distillery for many years. Come on you disgustingly rich NewYorkers! It is immoral to sue the city,
Louisville citizen June 24, 2012 at 11:03 PM
Do not blame the victims. No one in that house would have ever done anything to harm themselves or those children. And why shouldn't Mrs. Badger sue? The city tore down the house without any ok from the family. How could anyone do that to them? Maybe there were momentous they could have salvaged. It is just a horrible tragedy and no one is to be blamed.
Shelly Boyle June 25, 2012 at 12:19 PM
It is ironic that both of Ms Badger's parents were in safety conscious jobs and were so safety oriented. If only her father was there when they decided to clean ashess from a fireplace at 3 in the morning. Two middle aged people , who didn't know the basics about fire safety and the danger of ashes, even if they seemed burndt out . I think that there was also a few glasses of wine, which would explain their lapse of judgement that night. It will haunt Madonna Badger forever that when she was going up the stairs to bed and she saw the paper bag of ashes and she thought to herself, "I should put that outside. I should put that outside", and then she didn't !
bart July 23, 2012 at 04:04 PM


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