Mamaroneck Mother 'Loved Son Unconditionally'

A longtime friend of Manuela Morgado describes her as loving and caring.

Update 10/22: Morgado's neighbor in Ossining, Robert Kelly, declined to comment regarding his former neighbor except to say, "What I read in the local paper is pretty true...I don't have anything to add," referring to accounts of Morgado and Dr. Reish's relationship published in The Journal News.

“She’s just a wonderful, loving, caring human being and she just loved her son unconditionally,” said Aymee Duran, 52, about her friend of 20 years, Manuela Morgado.

Morgado—the 46-year-old Mamaroneck mother awaiting trial on second degree murder charges in connection with her son, Jason Reish’s, death—was found by police on Oct. 1 in a semi-conscious state, cradling her son’s dead body in what was believed to be a murder and attempted suicide. Unsettling details of Jason’s death were brought forth in a felony hearing earlier this week.

Yet, Duran describes the woman she affectionately called “Manny” as being so concerned about her unborn son’s welfare while she was pregnant that she got rid of both her dogs prior to giving birth, perhaps in an effort to protect him from unseen dangers.

Duran was “flabbergasted and devastated” when she heard the tragic news of Jason’s death.

“No one would have ever imagined this.  She had to have been in a dark, dark place,” said Duran, who last saw Morgado in May.

Morgado was the stepsister of one of Duran’s close friends when they met in New Jersey in the late ‘80s, she said. Morgado's mother recently passed away and she has two brothers.

Duran stayed with Morgado at her four-bedroom home on Grace Lane in Ossining after Jason was born, a home she shared with Dr. Tim Reish, Jason’s father. Sometimes Morgado would babysit Tim’s two sons from a previous marriage when they came to visit from Ohio. 

Morgado and Tim were engaged when she found out she was pregnant with Jason, said Duran, and "were looking forward to getting married."

According to Duran, Morgado and Tim separated soon after Jason was born.

“It started getting heated between them—she had to ask her neighbors to help her move out,” she said.

Morgado lived in New Jersey with Jason but moved to Mamaroneck to be able to bring her son back and forth to Briarcliff Manor for visitation with his father, despite the financial strain she felt as a single mother.

“There were too many years of too much struggle,” she said about the time Morgado spent battling Jason’s father in family court regarding her son's schooling.

"Unfortunately she felt there was no resolution in sight since the courts always seemed to side with Tim," she said, continuing, "She looked forward to someday having some resolution with Tim over the issues regarding Jason. Her focus was Jason and providing a stable environment for him."

She described Jason as “a sweet, very energetic, very loving boy,” that she would often send gifts to. 

As for Tim, Duran said, “I don’t take away from what he’s feeling—no one should ever go through this.”

Morgado is at the Westchester County Jail awaiting a grand jury trial. 


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jjinla October 24, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Well I will say that the 'drone' comment did absolutely come from Q's playbook so I think the same. However, since Conrad seems to know so much about mental illness, perhaps he can specify which one allows you to thouroghly research the "most peacefull" ways to kill a child, order the helium tank online and wait for it to arrive, and then execute the murder all while carrying on a normal life such that when you do finally commit murder, nobody could have seen it coming. This was calculated. Well researched. It's not like she snapped and drove off a pier in a psychotic break. A jury will think the same...although I have no idea why she's being tried on 2nd degree vs. 1st.
Serenity October 24, 2012 at 09:23 PM
We all don't handle stress n depression the same way, I'm not saying what she did was right, but none of us lived with her to experience what she was going through... And also to make it clear she did try and kill herself but she fail at it. I think that's enough punishment for her.. Having to carry that for the rest of her life... .
Conrad Heyer October 26, 2012 at 12:31 AM
Wow, that is so deep dude! Are you a psychiatrist too?
Conrad Heyer October 26, 2012 at 12:33 AM
Spelling is different from grammar. If you don't care about people not understanding what your write, don't worry about the grammar. Just keep rambling on.
Conrad Heyer October 26, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Dude! You're asking jjinia to explain the law to you. LOL Try and get some rest!


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