New Rochelle Man Admits Committing Armed Robberies Near Sound Shore Train Stations

Pelham police said they arrested Olivier Famby, of New Rochelle, Friday, just as he was scouting the area for another armed robbery victim.


Pelham police said that Olivier Famby, of New Rochelle, admitted on Friday that he committed eight armed robberies in the Sound Shore area, including three robberies that took place ; and one that took place in Mamaroneck on Feb. 9.

Police after they caught him in possession of handgun that was reported stolen in Pennsylvania.

Pelham police Sgt. Christopher Casucci was on patrol when he noticed a car parked on the 100 block of Corlies Avenue that had not been parked there earlier in the night. Casucci looked around the car to see if he could spot anything suspicious about it. Casucci then went back to his patrol vehicle so he could ticket the car for violating the village’s overnight parking law.

Casucci then noticed that the car was occupied and pulled up alongside the vehicle to speak to its occupant. Famby, the man inside the vehicle, began making up various stories during the interview for why he was parked on Corlies Avenue, according to police.

Casucci exited his patrol vehicle to continue interviewing Famby and noticed a handgun on the passenger seat side of Famby’s vehicle.

Casucci entered the car and took possession of the handgun. He called for backup and Officer Ryan Carden responded and Famby was taken out of the car and placed under arrest.

Police later determined that the handgun was stolen from Pennsylvania.  

Later in the day, Famby was interviewed by detectives from Pelham and other jurisdictions who have had similar robberies. Pelham detectives Rick Deere and John Hynes were the lead investigators in this questioning.  

Famby allegedly admitted that he was responsible for the three Pelham robberies along with five other robberies that were committed in New Rochelle, Mamaroneck and Harrison.  

Police also allege that Famby told them that he had been scouting out the area of the Larchmont train station for a potential victim prior to coming to Pelham on Friday. When Famby couldn’t find a suitable victim, he came to Pelham to see if he could spot a potential victim getting off one of the first trains arriving into the Pelham station, according to police.  

Pelham Police Chief Joseph Benefico commended Casucci for utilizing conscientious patrol skills and excellent observation techniques to apprehend Famby and put an end to his crime spree.

Information on Famby’s arraignment was unavailable Saturday.

toni April 29, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Thats Brilliant. Thank you for giving us our peace & safety back, You both should be commended
RK April 30, 2012 at 01:17 PM
On behalf of New York State Crime Stoppers, I commend Sgt. Casucci and the entire Pelham Police Department for a job well done. This entire situation proves my constant comments regarding the importantance of public safety in our community. I have said it many times before and I will say it again, " Nothing is more important than public safety". Public safety must always be the priority in the village budget. During a recent Saturday meeting at Village Hall regarding the robberies I remebered being in that same room in 2011 with many other Pelham residents speaking out against the boards attempt to lay off more police. In a post on Pelham Patch I warned of the dangers of doing that and this robbery spree proves I was correct. This crime wave that terrorized Pelham commuters has gone on since January. Had it not been for the excellent work of Sgt. Casucci, it may have continued. The Pelham Police Department is still down three Police officers due to the retirees that have not been replaced. Maybe now the Pelham Board will reconsider not replacing the retirees and get our Police Department back to what it was a few short years ago before we go through another crime wave like this one. We must remember that our geographic location, surrounded by New Rochelle, Mount Vernon and the Bronx, puts us in a very vulnerable position. Being short three police officers not only creates a safety issue for residents but for our police officers as well.
BG7 April 30, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Way to go Christopher Casucci! Apprehending an suspect with agun is a fraught situation. Obviously handled very well for the Sgt. Thanks from the commuters of Mamaroneck.
westchester citizen June 25, 2012 at 01:04 AM
I am tired of hearing the local communities dis each other. You can be proud of your town without putting down other communities. Two teenagers in Larchmont got arrested for assault in NYC this spring. A man in Rye molested a dog! No one claims that these communities are to be singled out for fear. Or is this just good old racist nonsense at work? Crime is a problem all over the county.


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