Police: Pelham, Lock Your Car Doors

Pelham residents continue to report thefts from unlocked cars.


Pelham Manor residents may want to reconsider leaving their cars unlocked.

"Very few vehicles [have been] broken into, most are unlocked," observed Mosiello. "People have to be responsible. They have to lock their doors."

At least 14 cases of attempted or actual larceny from car vehicles were logged in December 12.

This week, Pelham Manor police logged 3 incidents of unsecured cars being entered.

On two of those occasions drivers were robbed of portable GPS systems. Last Tuesday, a Priory Lane resident reported a GPS unit stolen overnight and a Hillcrest Drive resident reported the same this past Tuesday. 

A third incident was reported this Thursday from Mount Tom Road. A man said his dog began barking around 3 a.m. but he didn’t discover his car had been entered and disturbed until the next morning. Nothing was missing. 


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