Pelham Manor Police Blotter: Sick Skunk, Intoxicated Passenger, Missing Property and Fraud

The following information was supplied by the Pelham Manor Police Department. Arrest information does not indicate a conviction.

Here’s a rundown on recent police incidents in Pelham Manor:

Sick Skunk 8/15/11
12:15 P.M.: A caller stated that there was a shaking skunk walking back and forth in the driveway.  Upon arrival to the Reed Avenue residence, officers observed a sick skunk stuck in a storm drain. After several attempts to remove the animal, an officer shot and killed the skunk. Afterward, the deceased animal was removed and disposed of.

Intoxicated Bar Goer 8/14/11
1:36A.M.: Officers received a 911 call reporting an intoxicated female passenger unresponsive in the back of the taxi in front of her home on Highland Avenue.  Upon arrival the cab driver stated that he picked up the woman up from a party in New Rochelle, but she passed out before he reached her Highland Avenue residence. Although the passenger was unresponsive, she was still breathing, according to the police report. Officers attempted to wake her up multiple times, but they were unsuccessful. A medic at the scene was able to wake up the passenger, who was on her way to another bar. The passenger was advised that she was in front of her residence, but became belligerent to the officers. Officers informed the woman’s brother that she would be taken to Soundshore Hospital after they were unable to reach her parents.

Missing Storage Items 8/12/11
11:30P.M.: Police received a call from woman who said that items were missing from her storage unit at Storage Post, located at 858 Pelham Parkway. When police arrived, the woman stated that she entered the storage facility at 2:55 p.m. to check on her possessions and found that her garment rack was missing. She had last seen the rack on July 14th.  The door and the lock on the unit were undamaged. The store manager and the victim are not aware of how theft the happened.

Fraud At BJ’s 8/10/11
2:54P.M.: A suspect attempted to purchase $1,054.80 worth of merchandise from BJ’s, located at 820 Pelham Parkway, with a Citibank credit card in the name of another man. The cashier at the store knew she was handed a Citibank card, but the cash register display showed that it was an American Express card with the last digits 1032. The cashier activated her register's lights to signal a manager. Upon seeing this, the suspect abandoned the shopping cart and ran through the front door. An officer followed the suspect on foot, but the man manage to flee in a car containing multiple passengers. It was later discovered that the suspect had used the same American Express card at the store in the past to make more than $13,000 purchases.


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