Pelham Manor Police Officer Hurt During Storm

Pelham Manor police officer is back on the job after Hurricane Sandy injury.

Pelham Manor police have been doing yeoman's duty before, during and after Hurricane Sandy. One officer- Sgt. Richard Vesperman- was injured while assisting a resident after the storm.

Chief Al Mosiello told the story of how Vesperman got hurt while he waited outside police headquarters Wednesday afternoon for ConEd.

Pelham Manor Village Hall has been running on generator power since Monday.

"We were out on Pelhamdale Ave near Bon Mar [Rd]," Chief Al Mosiello described, "attending to some downed limbs. And another limb came down and struck him in the head, right shoulder, face and neck. He had a fractured ankle."

Vesperman didn't let his injuries keep him from his post for very long. He received medical treatment for his wounds and was back on duty Wednesday.


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