Pelham Police Arrest Alleged Shoplifting Pair with Kids

Pelham Manor police arrest a pair for allegedly shoplifting with children in tow.


A keen-eyed Pelham Manor police officer noticed a familiar face while at a Pelham Parkway supermarket recently. The officer thought a man, who was in the store with a woman and three children, bore a striking resemblance to someone captured on store video surveillance cameras allegedly shoplifting with a female accomplice on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

After detaining the man and woman, Pelham Manor police arrested Henry Ingram, 51, and Tabitha Ingram, 25, both of the same Bronx address, for alleged larceny shoplifting. 

According to Pelham Manor police reports, the store's surveillance video cameras captured footage on Dec. 4 of a man and woman with two small children entering a liquor store on Pelham Parkway.

The man on store video, accompanied by a woman and children, appears to put liquor bottles into a shopping bag before the group exits the store without paying for the items and enters the supermarket next door.

Video from the supermarket then shows ta woman and a male child handing a man items which he puts into his jacket.

The group finally goes to the checkout lane where the man uses an EBT card to pay for a single item: a box of popsicles. According to the Pelham Manor police report, the name on the EBT card used for the purchase matched that of the man arrested.

The Bronx pair is accused of taking approximately $214 of items including 2 bottles of Johnny Walker Green, a bottle of Black Hennessy and Bacardi Limon, as well as a container of Vicks baby rub and Dove GoFresh body wash. Police notified authorities of the children's alleged involvement in the incident as well. The two are due in Village Court on December 13.


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