Pelham Police Blotter: Disturbance, Village Violation, Property Damage and Fraud

The following information was supplied by the Pelham Police Department. Arrest information does not indicate a conviction.

Here’s a rundown on recent police incidents in Pelham:

Disturbance, 9/19/11
4:04 p.m. Police officers were called to the intersection of Lincoln and Third avenues after a woman tried to skip out on her taxi fare.

Police said the woman and a driver from Reliable Taxi Co. where on their way to Mount Vernon from New Rochelle when they got into an argument over the fare. During the dispute, the woman allegedly got out the car, broke the passenger side rearview mirror and ran west on Lincoln Avenue. The taxi driver tailed her in his car and was able to track her to the Lincoln Avenue Bridge, before police arrived.

The officer interviewed both parties, but the driver declined to press charges after the woman agreed to pay $150 for the broken mirror.  The matter was settled after the woman’s father arrived at the scene and paid the taxi driver.

Village Violation, 9/17/11
4:30 p.m. A Pelhamdale Avenue resident was issued a ticket after they left organic debris outside their home three days prior to pickup.

Police wrote the ticket after they saw two brown organic bags and a large pile of dirt and grass placed on the curb outside of the residence. The placement of the bags is in violation of the village’s ordinance because organic debris is supposed to be placed outside no later than 7:00pm on the day prior to collection.

Containers must be removed from the curbside on the same day as collection.  The next pickup wasn’t scheduled until Sept. 20 at the time officers issued the ticket.

Fraud, 9/19/11
12:24p.m. A woman came into police headquarters after she was allegedly scammed by mystery shopper advertisement she saw in the newspaper.

The woman said two cashier’s checks were mailed to her home after she responded to the advertisement. The woman was told that the checks, which she deposited at the TD Bank on 301 Fifth Avenue, were supposed to be used to shop at Walmart and Western Union.

After waiting a few days, the woman withdrew the money from the bank to shop and filled out a questionnaire about her shopping experience. The mystery shopping company told her to return any money that she didn’t spend.

The woman received three more checks totaling $995, but she became suspicious after TD Bank sent a letter stating the checks were fake and that she owed more than $700. The woman told police that she would show them records of her dealing with the fraudulent company.

Ed Harris January 24, 2012 at 03:35 PM
I understand that Pelham has an ordnance against excessive dog barking. Could you please tell me where I could print this ordinance to give to a neighbor who leaves a barking dog in the yard day & night.... 01/24/12 - Thank you, Ed Harris (joaned25@aol.com)


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