Pelham Police Blotter: Getty Gas Conflict, Cellphone Harassment and Tree Damage

The following information was supplied by the Pelham Police Department. Arrest information does not indicate a conviction.

Here’s a rundown of recent police incidents in Pelham:

Dispute at Gas Station 8/12/11

6:37 P.M.: An officer responded to the Getty Gas Station located on 185 Lincoln Avenue in Pelham for a dispute between a customer and an employee. A man pulled into the gas station at 6:05 pm and asked the attendant for $25 worth of gas. The attendant pumped the gas and handed the customer a receipt for $40. The customer told the attendant that he didn’t want that much gas, but the attendant allegedly replied: “You are going to give me $40,or you will see what I am going to do to you.”

The customer threatened to call the police, but the attendant allegedly responded by grabbing the passenger side window of the car and shaking it. The attendant also punched one of the car’s rearview mirrors. Witnesses at the scene corroborated the customer’s story, according to police.

The attendant was placed under arrest for criminal mischief and transported to Pelham Police Headquarters.  

Woman harassed on the phone  8/14/2011

12:45 P.M.: Officers were dispatched to a Fifth Avenue apartment on Aug. 14 to respond to cellphone harassment. Victim stated that she had been receiving multiple phone calls from a restricted number on her cell phone since Aug 12. The calls, which were from an unknown woman, were threatening and the victim told police that she feared for her safety.  The woman notified her cell phone provider and they told her to make a police report.  The calls were recorded, but the woman was unable to play them back for the officer on the scene.

Tree Damage 8/22/2011

1:00 A.M.: Officers responded to a River Avenue home for a report of property damage. Police said a tree from a neighboring backyard fell into the backyard of the River Avenue location, causing damage to the home’s fence and deck. The fence, railing and supporting beam were damaged along with the flood light facing the backyard. Officers told the homeowners to file a claim with their insurance provider.


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