Pelham Police Stop Drunk Driver, Assist Another.

Police in Village of Pelham deal with 2 alcohol related cases.


Police in the Village of Pelham have recently investigated 2 cases involving alcohol.

Yonny L. Nunez, 37, of Brooklyn was arrested on December 14 after Pelham police noticed him making a left turn at a red light on Colonial Dr. and Wolf's Lane.

According to police reports, Nunez was not able to pass field sobriety tests, was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech and glassy eyes. While he was in a police vehicle, Nunez reportedly banged his head against the safety partition and threatened to "come after" the officer and the officer's mother when he was released. Nunez took two different blood alcohol tests and both were over the legal limit. 

Pelham police were called on December 13 to a residence on Parkway Dr. to assist a woman who said she drank three-quarters of a bottle of vodka and a half bottle of tequila. The woman was taken to Lawrence Hospital for medical treatment.



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