Police: Pelham Bartender Accused of Assault

A Sunday night visit to a neighborhood bar in Pelham ended with a customer accusing the bartender of assault.

According to Village of Pelham police reports, a Pelham man said he was at a Wolfs Lane bar last Sunday night around 9 p.m. when he ended up in a dispute with the bartender. The man said he was confronted by the bartender and the bartender’s brother.

The man said the bartender asked him to the back of the Wolfs Lane establishment to talk and when he followed him the bartender’s brother began to yell at him. According to police reports, the man said the bartender's brother was yelling about "a mutual female acquiantance."

The aggrieved customer said he left the building with a friend and the bartender’s brother followed him outside and struck him in the back of the head with something he didn’t see. He said the bartender’s brother then punched him in the nose and jaw. The man’s friend drove him away from the bar and also told police that he saw the bartender and bartender’s brother participate in the alleged attack.

When police questioned the bartender, he gave a different account. The bartender told police the man had been asked to leave the bar after behaving badly. The bartender said it was the patron who tried to hit his brother when they tried to escort the customer out of the bar. The bartender denied any altercation had occurred inside the bar. 

Police could not find other witnesses to the incident. The customer said he wanted to press charges and was taken to Lawrence Hospital for medical attention.


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