Police Ramp up Patrols for July 4; Remind Public to Stay Vigilant

Motorists in Pelham can expect DWI checkpoints locally and throughout Westchester County.


Motorists will have a better chance of pulling pocket aces during a hand of Texas Hold'em than they will of not seeing a police patrol car this week.

Pelham, Pelham Manor and County police are expected to ramp up their patrols for today’s Fourth of July holiday, which is something drivers will want to consider before they pick up that ice, cold bottle of beer.

“We usually respond with dedicated patrols to combat motorists driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs,” said Joseph Benefico, chief of the Pelham police department. “There will be some roving patrols and I think the public can expect some fixed sobriety checkpoints.”

Al Mosiello, chief of the Pelham Manor police department, and Kieran O’Leary, a spokesman for the Westchester County Police Department, said their departments are also bumping up enforcement today.

“Around the July 4th holiday, we always have increased patrols around the parkways, because it is one of the high volume periods,” O’Leary said.

Both O’Leary and Benefico declined to say where they are stationing their dedicated sobriety checkpoints this week.

In addition to the road patrols, local law enforcement agencies will be partnering this week as part of “Operation Safeguard.”

Starting on Tuesday, agencies in Counter Terrorism Zone 3 have been conducting safety checks of train stations, commuter parking lots, bus routes, shopping malls, and public parks where holiday events may be held. Counter Terrorism Zone 3 is the area encompassing Putnam and Westchester counties.

Officials said this effort isn’t a response to an imminent terrorist attack, but is simply part of a counter-terrorism strategy of continued vigilance.

The public is reminded to speak up if they see something suspicious and to follow these tips:

  • Do not confront suspicious individuals
  • Do not reveal your suspicions to the indiviudals
  • Do record as many details as
  • Do notify local police agencies by calling 911 or their direct line. You can also call the SAFE NYS Tipline at 1-866-SAFE-NYS (1-866-723-3697)


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