Stores Evacuated In Cross County by Yonkers FD

Macy's and Applebees were evacuated on Wednesday evening due to high carbon monoxide readings detected inside both businesses as 20 people required treatment for CO poisoning.


Shoppers and restaurant patrons were evacuated suddenly at approximitely 9:20 p.m. Wednesday evening when carbon monoxide (CO) detectors showed high levels of the deadly gas present inside both Macy's and Applebee's Restaurant in the Cross County Shopping Center.

Lt. Toni Scherer of Empress EMS stated that 20 people were treated for CO poisoning, with five of them labeled as "critical" and all victims were transported to area hospitals for treatment.

Yonkers FD responded to the scene and reported that initial inspections showed that the spiked readings in CO were due to construction going on in the underground tunnels beneath the mall.

Ventilation of the tunnels were initiated by Yonkers FD and the CO leak was put under control.

Both stores remained shut down by Yonkers FD for the rest of the night until Thursday morning.

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