Two Bronx Men Indicted for Fatal Yonkers Stabbing

Francis Javier Vasquez and Kervin Ortiz where indicted for their roles in the fatal stabbing of Rodney Jackson on April 8, the Westchester County District Attorney's Office announced today.

Two Bronx man were indicted today for their roles in a fatal stabbing that took place inside a Yonkers Bodega in April.

Francis Javier Vasquez, 37, was indicted on counts of first and second degree manslaughter along with a felony count of criminal possession of weapon. Kervin Ortiz, 44, was indicted on felony counts of attempted assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Ortiz, who owns a bodega located 154 South Broadway, and Vasquez, who was employed by Ortiz, allegedly got into argument with Rodney Jackson, 45, of Yonkers, in the store at about 11 p.m. on April 8.

Jackson had walked inside the store to buy a soda, according to authorities. Witnesses told Yonkers Police that Jackson and Ortiz argued and Jackson was asked to leave the bodega, challenging Ortiz to come outside and fight.

Jackson left and then returned moments later and was observed throwing items around the store.

Ortiz allegedly picked up a metal baseball bat that he kept behind the counter and walked towards Jackson, who had left the store again, striking the victim then falling to the sidewalk himself.

Vasquez then stabbed Jackson once in the buttocks.

Others who had been walking with Jackson returned to the area and called 911.

Jackson was transported to St. Joseph’s Medical Center where he died the following morning.

Vasquez left the scene and returned home, while Ortiz remained at the bodega and was questioned by police who began an investigation.

Police continued their investigation with help from surveillance video taken at nearby stores as well as information from several eyewitnesses. Ortiz and Vasquez were both arrested on April 10.

Then defendants have since been released on $125,000 bail and their next court appearance has been scheduled for Sept. 12.

Vasquez faces a maximum of 25 years in state prison on the top count of the indictment, while  Ortiz faces a maximum prison sentence of seven years.

The case is being prosecuted by assistant District Attorney Jonathan Strongin of the Superior Court Trial Division.


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