Bianco and Paganelli Apparent Winners of Yorktown Town Board Seats

Yorktown incumbent councilman Nick Bianco and restaurant owner Dave Paganelli, appear to be the voters' choice for town board memebers.

Yorktown incumbent councilman and restaurant owner will soon be sitting at Town Hall together as they appear to be the members after . 

With 100 districts reporting, unofficial results from the Westchester County Board of Elections show Paganelli had secured 4,439 votes and Bianco had 4,021.

Their opponents first-time candidate and Yorktown Athletic Club president Rich Campanero and long-time councilman , a Democrat who served on the board for nearly two decades, were defeated. Martorano had secured 3,068 votes and Campanero had 2,597.

"I'm very happy that the residents saw me fit to bring me back for four more years," Bianco said. "I think they realized I do work hard, I have the experience and I have the integrity and I want to thank them." 

He said he looks forward to working with the new board and will remain vocal on environmental issues.

"I did lose Jim [Martorano] and Jim was very vocal, so I'm going to have to be double the voice," he said.

Bianco, a registered Conservative has been a member of the town board since 1996. He has lived in Yorktown for 39 years. The retired Yonkers police officer is a liaison to the conservation, planning, zoning, cable and open space boards. He is married with two children and has seven grandchildren.

Paganelli said he looks forward to working on the budget and consolidation once he gets in office in January and he will make sure he makes himself accessible to the public.

"I would like them to let me know what their concerns are so I can carry over their concerns forward and represent them on the town board," he said. "May the best of our past be the worst of our future. And what I mean by that is may the best things that have occurred in our past, may that be the worst that we have to look forward to and things only get better as we move forward."

Paganelli, who ran as a Democrat for the town board position in 2009 and switched to the Repiblican party line this year, has lived in Yorktown since 1982. He and his wife Nancy have two daughters.

Earlier this week Martorano said he had called both Bianco and Paganelli to congratulate them on the win.

"These are two gentlemen that are friends of mine," he said. "I know they will do a bang up job and I stand ready, able and willing to help Dave [Paganelli] to transition in any way he feels possible. My congratulation goes out to both of them. I know Yorktown is in good hands."

Members of the Town Board serve a four-year term and are paid $18,085 a year.

Marlin Lewis November 12, 2011 at 09:32 PM
Mr. Bianco you state "... I have the experience and I have the integrity..." Do you know what the word integrity means? Let me enlighten you. Here is the definition of INTEGRITY: "firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility." HOW DARE YOU SIR use that word to define yourself. You haven't a clue as to what it means! Let me refresh your memory as to my accusations. According to Michael Palmietto's sworn affidavit you requested that Mr. Palmietto make contributions to your political dinners for your reelection campaign, insisting on the money in cash and then telling Mr. Palmietto not to attend those dinners because it might raise suspicion.Or, how you used your influence over then Councilman Campisi to vote against Mr. Palmietto's proposal by securing Mr. Campisi the conservative line on the ballot. Or, how you and the highway superintendent stood and watched as two highway employees hooked up a sewer line as a political favor to a resident on London Road. Or, how you assisted in making up fictitious responses to address audit findings in the State Comptroller's audit report. Or, how several representatives of the Town approached the owner of the Old Stone Church to "request" that he commence making financial "contributions" to you. Or when Mr. Darren Rigger called you out for plagiarizing an article written by conservative columnist Ric Edelman. And the list goes on. "Integrity" should not be used in a sentence to define YOU the person.
Francis T McVetty November 12, 2011 at 10:00 PM
Too late Marlin, he has won again. the good news is, I heard a rumor that this might be his last term. Have to wait till he is up for re-election. Rumors come and they go, especially in Yorktown.
Marlin Lewis November 13, 2011 at 02:17 AM
Mr. Martorano, if I might be so bold. I would like to suggest that you continue with your program on the government access channel and instead of taking us around Yorktown with some fascinating stories, you use it as a platform to talk to the taxpayers. Talk about town government issues. Talk about town issues. Take on school board issues. Offer solutions that are outside the box. Engage common people about how they would do things. I'll bet it would be fascinating to learn what people think. Some might have simple solutions to complex issues. Use this as a platform for becoming "the people's champion." Jim, reinvent yourself. I hate to say it but you are better off with the umbilical chord that connected you and Bianco. I know he's your friend but you need to think about yourself and only yourself. Yes he won reelection and I still wonder why. In my previous post I made scathing accusations against Mr. Bianco. I stand by what I wrote. All I wrote has been published in a paper, entered in a court of law, or witnessed by people that I know. I have not heard or read anything negative about you except for your alliance with Mr. Bianco. It's not too late to wash off his viral contaminants. Please clean your persona so that people no longer see you as being attached to Nick Bianco. Jim you have been and continue to be a good man! I look forward to your continued support within our community.
Councilman James Martorano November 13, 2011 at 05:39 PM
thanks for your kind comments.....I would like to continue my show but whether it can be aired on the government channel will be up to the new town board....I love our town and I would like to stay active....
Francis T McVetty November 13, 2011 at 08:14 PM
James, Government channel for government officials about government issues. There STILL is public access for a while, while we still have a studio to do the shows in. Give Dennis T a call, I'm sure he can point you in the right direction. Marlin is right, in my opinion, with most of what he has posted. It would be a shame to lose YOUR voice. You may even gain a greater perspective when you are a civilian. Things may look a little different when you are looking in from the outside.


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