How to Post Your News on the Pelham Patch

We've detailed step-by-step instructions for you to post your own events and announcements to Patch.

We've detailed step-by-step instructions for you to post your own events and announcements to Patch.

Having an event? Had a baby? Getting married? Did you witness an accident that's causing traffic? Did you want to write a letter to the editor? Perhaps you went to a community event and have great photos, or video, that you want to share.

There are a few ways for you post your news to the White Plains community.

Create an announcement
We would like to feature your news on the Pelham Patch homepage. If you create an announcement (quick instructions below) and send me the URL, we can make sure that happens.

  • Go to Pelham Patch and sign in, or create an account on the upper right corner of the homepage.
  • Click here to create a new Announcement.
  • Make sure to add the photos where it says "Choose file to upload." A great photo means I'm more likely to bring it to a prominent spot on the homepage for more eyes to see! To insert a hyperlink, highlight the text to be linked, and then click on the small button that looks like a chainlink.
  • Once you click "Post My Announcement" at the bottom, you will come to the page that features your announcement. ... Just send me the URL and I will feature it on the homepage.
  • We may also consider posting it to other Patches in the region, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Post your event
Click on "add it to the calendar" from the homepage. Here you can cut and paste text, add photos and hyperlinks. If you are posting an event that is located outside of White Plains, simply use the complete address including postal zip code to ensure the system recognizes the address.

Posting your news on the site is another way to alert me, and other Patch editors, who look at the events calendar and site announcements for story ideas.
The news also goes out in our daily and weekly email to subscribers.

Thanks again for your interest in Patch and please email me at Rasheed.Oluwa@patch.com if you have any questions.


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