Pelham Seniors Getting Emergency Support With Vulnerable Resident Database

Database will help police keep track of Pelham residents needing support during emergencies.

Whether it's a power outage that makes it difficult to operate medical equipment or knocks out elevators leaving only stairs as access to a dwelling or blocked roads that make it difficult to leave home for life-saving medical treatment, Hurricane Sandy was just another example of how important it can be for law enforcement and first responders to have advance knowledge of what kind of support community residents may need in an emergency.

Pelham residents will soon be able to participate in an emergency database system that could help law enforcement and first responders improve safety throughout the area. In the next two weeks, all Pelham residents will receive more information about the database through a mailer provided by Senator Klein’s office.

“Working together with local leaders, law enforcement and residents of Pelham, we have outlined ways to reduce emergency response time and protect the most vulnerable in our community,” said State Senator Jeff Klein. “Among these proposals is the Vulnerable Resident Database, an idea pioneered here in Pelham and something I hope will be adopted in communities across the state.”

The Vulnerable Resident Database was one of the recommendations developed by the Pelham Sandy Task Force. District press secretary Anna Durrett said that the program will not require additional money and will be maintained by the village police departments. 

Residents who think they may need special assistance during an emergency will be able to participate in the program that was spearheaded by Pelham senior advocates. The program will not, however, be limited only to residents of advanced age. 

Senator Klein said,  “I cannot understate the importance of this database in helping the most vulnerable in our community during an emergency situation. I encourage anyone who may be vulnerable during extreme weather or a power outage to enroll in this program so that we can ensure the safety of all residents in Pelham.”


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