Plastic Bag Ban to Take Effect in Mamaroneck Village; $215K Police Annex to be Built

Lulu Tantillo and her brother Leo—mayor and fire chief for the day respectively—opened a board of trustees meeting in the Village of Mamaroneck last night.


After months of discussion, the decision to with handles was officially made a .  The ban—which will go into effect within the next six months—will become the second Westchester community to ban plastic bags. Rye's ban took effect in May of this year.

Please click to the right of this article for a copy of the proposed law as well as other supporting documentation from the meeting.

June and Richard Ottinger also got what they wanted when the board decided to accept their letter of map revision from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). And, the board tabled a public hearing about the cumulative damage provision in the local law regarding the requirement for homeowners to raise their homes, which will remain open until the board meets in September.

The village did authorize spending $215,000 to build a new modular police annex that will include gendered locker rooms, an exercise room and separate showers.

“The annex is a long time coming,” said Police Chief Christopher Leahy. “It would be great if we are able to do this for the officers of the village.”

After an audience member stated it was “long overdue,” trustee John Hofstetter agreed, claiming that the “facility has been substandard for a long time” and that the solution would be cost-effective. The measure passed unanimously.

All trustees also agreed to buy three new Ford Interceptor vehicles for the department at a cost of $121,272.96 and auction off older vehicles, which Hofstetter said is “something we have to do.”  Parking enforcement will also get two new Prius vehicles (at almost $23,000 each) to “replace the antiquated buggies” currently in use, said Mayor Norman Rosenblum, which tend to get extremely hot during the summer.

The Fire Department recently received a new Gator vehicle, which offers more maneuverability and off-road capabilities and last night, the board approved the purchase of a new one for the Parks Department for $10,500. Hofstetter said that a pickup truck could do the job envisioned by the Gator (driving onto ball fields, he said) but was outvoted.

Even Westchester County is spending new money in the village. Tom Lauro, commissioner of the county’s Department of Environmental Facilities, reported that the county will also be spending an extra $2 million on repairing the roof and the tower at the sewage treatment plant, which is added to the cost of renovating and repairing the plant.

Work crews found cracks in the tower, but since the building is historic and has been damaged by recent storms, the project consists of “more than just a repair,” Lauro said.

The county will fix the roof and replace all the bricks in the tower and the building beneath it. The new bricks will match the old ones. Demolition will continue through the winter and the work is scheduled for completion in Fall 2013.

Mary Too July 17, 2012 at 07:33 PM
BG7, I have no obsession. I (and many others) are simply fed up with the "Tree Man" and his minion constantly disrupting BOT meetings to hammer away at the current administration for purely personal and political reasons. The oak tree on Pine Street has been inspected by REAL experts from Cornell University, and they have opined that the work being done there will have no impact on the health of the tree. In spite of this, the "Tree Man" publicly stated that the project, "will likely severely damage, this historic tree". I'll go with the opinion from the experts at Cornell, not with that of someone who has limited knowledge of the subject and is politically motivated to create unrest.
Doreen Roney July 17, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Big doings at last night's meeting, seems like everyone got exactly what they wanted regardless of the impact - to village fiscal and natural resources. Alternatives are never discussed nor explored by this board- its shameful. Perhaps those who sit on the dais should think more about shared services (both in Mamk and neighbors) as they're supposed to be acting with a fiduciary responsibility to residents. The village budget seems like an open pocketbook to me, with no fiscal restraint as promised by this mayor long ago. The way meetings are conducted needs to change drastically in my opinion as every resident has the right to be heard by elected officials. A note to those who complain about an certain individual you call "tree man": As I said a sentence ago - every resident has the right to be heard by these elected officials, so you don't have to listen or complain here, but the trustees actually do. It's always wise to get your facts straight prior to publicly stating untruths. Who you call "tree man" was not escorted out of the room, but took his seat. I don't seem to recall "tree man" offering his personal opinion, "will likely severely damage, this historic tree" rather had facts and documents to share with this board yet the mayor constantly silences him with police threats. Why? For a public official to act in what I'll call a bullying manner with a constituent is disgraceful and appalling to me.
Mary Too July 18, 2012 at 12:49 AM
APRIL 18, 2012, LOHUD.COM WEBSITE: “The village intends to install a pipe passing 10 feet from the base of this ancient tree, but has not adequately addressed the tree’s preservation,” said Stuart Tiekert, who lives at Pine Street and Beach Avenue. “The proposal in its current form will not protect, but WILL LIKELY SEVERELY DAMAGE, THIS HISTORIC TREE".
Allison July 18, 2012 at 01:59 AM
I second BG7's comment just drop it already, you seem to be obsessed with this!
BG7 July 18, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Now if the village will ban chain link fences and actually enforce its litter code - that would be good


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