How Charitable is Pelham?

A Chronicle of Philanthropy interactive map tallies the charitable contributions of communities across the country.

Last week, the Chronicle of Philanthropy released the results of a national study of charitable giving across the country called "How America Gives."

The study utilized 2008 data from the IRS to calculate the median amount and proportion of income for taxpayers earning more than $50,000 annually in "every city and town in the United States."

Turns out- based on a zip code search of their database- Pelham (10803) ranks 1,876 of 28,725 communities across the nation.

  • Total charitable contributions for zip code 10803: $18.1 million
  • Median contribution: $4,494
  • Median discretionary income: $131,144
  • Percent of income given: 3.4 percent

According to data provided by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, giving in Westchester County averages to 5.4 percent of income.

So where do you rank? Are you donating more or less than Pelham's median contribution amount in the Chronicle of Philanthropy's study?


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